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iBAKE Denver™ is the #1 place in the state to consume marijuana!  In a state where it’s legal to purchase and consume marijuana for adults 21 and over, you will quickly find that although you can come and purchase cannabis, you still do not have really any legal place to consume it.

Just because cannabis is legal to purchase and possess in Colorado, there are only a few legal places to consume cannabis. You can consume cannabis in the privacy of your home, hotel (if you book your room at one of the few that will allow consumption), a private (NOT FOR HIRE) limousine/bus, private events, iBAKE™ Denver or iBAKE™ Englewood.

As stated before, you can’t smoke in your car, most hotels, in public or at any business that is not Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act approved.


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Where Is It Legal to Smoke Pot in Denver Colorado, iBake Denver!

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Since 2013 when iBAKE Denver was founded, there we have been on the news, in magazines, newspapers and on the radio from all around the WORLD! Here are some of the interviews, live broadcasts, articles, news stories and more about iBAKE.  Here you can see how iBAKE is already a global brand!

iBake Denver’s Key to Success as a Pot Club Is Staying Out of Denver — For Now – Westword
Pot club in Englewood highlights public consumption conundrum – The Cannabist
Englewood wants more time to think about permits for cannabis clubs – The Cannabist
Englewood extends moratorium on social cannabis clubs by six months – The Cannabist
Social pot use: Englewood council bans new cannabis clubs – The Cannabist
April 2016 calendar: Snoop, Wiz, Method Man, Red and more 4/20 Events – The Cannabist
Three years after banning pot clubs, Denver’s Mayor rethinks his position – The Cannabist
Cannabist Awards: Colorado’s Top 2015 Cannabis Businesses – The Cannabist
Denver pot tourism guide: Useful info for toking travelers – The Cannabist
Attorneys Get Volunteers High To Demonstrate Point Of Impairment – CBS News Denver

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