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Just because cannabis is legal to purchase and possess in Colorado, there are only a few legal places to consume cannabis.  You can consume cannabis in the privacy of your home, hotel (if you book your room at one of the few that will allow consumption), a private (NOT FOR HIRE) limousine/bus, private events, iBAKE Denver & iBAKE Englewood.


iBAKE Denver as been the #1 place to legally smoke marijuana in the Denver Metro Area for almost three years now. If you're a member, visit us now at;

6125 Washington St.

Denver, CO 80216


iBAKE Denver is open from 12PM - 12AM Daily


iBAKE Englewood is the second iBAKE location that allows marijuana consumption.  iBAKE Englewood opened in Englewood, CO in July, 2015.  Are you a member? You can visit our iBAKE Englewood location at;

3995 S. Broadway

Englewood, CO 80113


iBAKE Englewood is opn from 12PM - 12AM Daily

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iBAKE Denver now has iBAKE Gear available in our online store!  We now have shirts, hats, beanies, hat pins and much more! Check it out and get decked out in iBAKE Gear TODAY!

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710 Inc. is a holding company for many different businesses both part of the cannabis industry, and not. To see what companies 710 Inc. is a part of, CLICK HERE.

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iBAKE Apparel is the leading Cannabis Industry Apparel Company Online. If you're looking for new apparel to support the marijuana industry, iBAKE Apparel is the way to go.

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710 Inc. currently offers B2B consulting for the following services; music promotion, event planning/promotion, branding, marketing, licensing agreements, Intellectual Property, and more.

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"710 Inc. is a leader in their field. They have been one of the best companies to work with in our industry."

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