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iBAKE Denver

The NEW iBAKE Denver Member Shuttle!

“Smoke In iBAKE Denver Style!”

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iBAKE Denver’s marijuana wrapped Land Rover


We’re Colorado’s #1 Place to Smoke Weed for 2 Years and Still Going Strong!

Are you looking for a place to smoke marijuana legally in Denver?  Yea it’s great there’s legal recreational marijuana to purchase, but we’re just visiting from out of state, and we can smoke in our hotel. Where do we go to smoke marijuana legally in Colorado?

iBAKE Denver!


iBAKE Denver was founded in February, 2013 before recreational marijuana sales had begun in the state.  When other places to smoke marijuana in Denver were shut down, iBAKE Denver has stood alone and has not had any issues.

iBAKE Denver is a private membership headshop that allows it’s members to smoke marijuana on-site.  The membership is $10 per month & $2 per day that you come to the shop.

There’s more the one iBAKE Location! DON’T FORGET ABOUT OUR 18 + SHOP, iBAKE Lakewood off of Colfax & Wadsworth Blvd.


iBAKE Denver does not just sell glass pipes, dab rigs, vape pens and more!  iBAKE Denver is not just the #1 place in Denver to smoke marijuana!  iBAKE Denver is also . . .

Colorado’s Official Across International Distributor

across international


Crop King Seeds SMALL



Don’t Forget to Checkout Our Weekly Westword Ad


4 comments to iBAKE Denver

  • enrique  says:

    Do I have to reserve a spot in the lpunge?

    • thethurlowweed  says:

      No you do not need to reserve a spot my friend, just stop on by!

  • Selena  says:

    I wanted to thank everyone at iBAKE for making my trip to Denver unforgettable! Everyone I met there was AWESOME and I cant wait to come back!

    • thethurlowweed  says:

      AWESOME! It was great having you hear! Come on back again!

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