Looking for a Legal Place to Consume Cannabis?

Then Head on Over to iBAKE Denver!

iBAKE Denver has been the leading place for locals and tourists to come consume cannabis for 4 years now!  Just 7 minutes north of Downtown Denver, iBAKE Denver is a 21 and up, private members pipe and tobacco shop that allows cannabis consumption.  A quick look on Google and one can see that there are not any other places to legally consume cannabis online.  iBAKE has worked hard with the surrounding county governments, and satisfies all membership requirements to be a legal private establishment that allows the consumption of cannabis.


iBAKE Memberships

As of the 1st of January, 2017 there will be 4 iBAKE Membership options. These options are;

  1. Basic Membership - The basic iBAKE Membership is the same as it's been for 2 years.  The cost is $10 per month & $2 per day that you come and hang out.  This is non reoccurring. When your month is up, you just pay for another membership next time you come in.
  2. Buy 2 Months, Get 1 Free - If you're a regular and you're looking to save some money, this is a great option, pay for two months of membership in advance and receive a 3rd month FREE! (This only applies for your $10 per month membership, you will still have to pay the $2 per day you come to the facility.)
  3. Gold Membership - The iBAKE Gold Membership is $40, this covers your $10 monthly membership fee and entry into the facility EVERY DAY of the month! Plus 20% OFF all events for that month! A total savings of $30
  4. VIP Membership - When you become a VIP iBAKE Member you'll receive everything the Gold Membership has, plus iBAKE Swag (example; hoodie, t-shirts, hat pins, something different each month) Plus 30% OFF all events for that month! The cost of the iBAKE VIP Membership is ONLY $50!


What does it take to become and iBAKE Member?

All members (locals and tourists alike) have to go through our brief, but thorough membership process.  This process was created to follow all rules in regarding private membership establishments in Colorado. All those applying for an iBAKE Membership must;

  • Provide proof of age with valid ID (This includes state/federal government ID or Passport)
  • Completely fill out membership form
  • Provide two references/emergency contact