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Partying in Denver is a must-have experience for every enthusiast. And you can enjoy this experience to the fullest by hiring a private limo or signing up for one of the many tours in and around the mile-high city. It is a highly recommended experience.

As a cannabis consumer for almost a decade now, I have tried and tested several different experiences across the world, but the limo tours in Denver still rank in my top choices because

  • Denver, and even Colorado as a whole, is a great place to shop for weed, gear, accessories; you can get almost anything you want.
  • The place is also home to some of the most amazing glassworks I have seen.
  • The growing operation in Denver is also pretty big, and some of the tours can take you to see a growing operation as well.
  • Denver has some great places to party; it is ideal for celebrating occasions like a Bachelor's or Bachelorette party.

So, all in all, if you are looking for a unique, fun experience, then booking a limousine tour in Denver promises to be that and more. I have compiled this comprehensive guide to answer all your questions about the tours and also suggest some of my favorite operators in the area.

Top-Rated 420 Limousine Companies to Consider

I have tried several limo tours and services on my several trips to Denver. I enjoyed most of them. However, I indeed have some favorites that I am sharing here with you all –

Mile High Tours is an excellent service that I have checked out several times over the years. I have booked a private tour on a customized plan as well. However, if you don't know much about Denver, then their planned tours are also a great way to get the whole cannabis experience that this city has to offer.

Their tours start from $399, and you can visit pot shops, glass galleries, grow operations, and more on the tours. They also provide complimentary airport and hotel pickup.


  • Visit grow operations, or a grow viewing room
  • Luxury private limo experience
  • Custom as well as planned tours available
  • Complimentary airport and hotel pickup
  • You can choose your own start time

Colorado Cannabis Tours is one of the best in Denver and around the country as well. They offer great tour options across the states.

In Denver, they can assist you in booking 420-friendly hotels and limo services; you can also plan several activities with them like visiting a growing operation, pot shops, or even attend a marijuana cooking class. They also provide luxury limos for a private tour to relax and unwind.


  • The Whole marijuana experience in Denver
  • Book 420 friendly hotels and classes/activities
  • Enjoy a private, luxury experience
  • Great guide for getting all information on weed in Colorado

If you wish to enjoy the limo experience in Denver but are on a tight budget, I would recommend the 420 Airport pickup service. They offer reasonably priced tours for cannabis enthusiasts.

One of their best packages is a pickup from the airport and drop-off at the hotel, including one stop at a smoke shop where you can get almost anything you might ever want. If you are booking a round trip with them, they also offer vaporizers on a rental basis for as low as just $20 per day. For under $100, you can enjoy a wonderful time.


  • Airport pickup in a private limo
  • Stop at a smoke shop included with pickup
  • Reasonably priced service for people on a budget
  • Even offer vaporizers on rental

Private First Class Transportation, or PFC, is a tremendous high-end, luxury service for people who don't mind spending a bit more. Anyway, it is worth every penny. They offer private limo services for groups as large as 32 people.

You can stop anywhere you want and make as many stops as you would like. Their fleet of vehicles is fitted with state-of-the-art music and entertainment system. They are an ideal choice for people looking to celebrate occasions.


  • Luxury, high-end private service
  • Make as many stops as you want
  • Stop anywhere you want
  • Fully customized tours for everyone
  • Great for groups as large as 32 people

Prestige Worldwide Transportation is an excellent choice for limousine services in Denver, Colorado. They offer safe, discrete limos for tours, airport pickups, and more so that you and your friends can relax and enjoy in comfort.

They have many options in vehicles and executive sedans to SUVs to even coaches for large groups. They bring together a nice mix of dispensaries, grow rooms, local attractions, and other things into one long tour.


  • Wide variety of vehicle options
  • Safe, discrete tours in Denver
  • Visit several attractions on the tour
  • Reasonably priced options available

They offer outstanding services for large groups looking to party around town. Denver Party Rides offer some of the best deals for groups and occasions. Their tours have a nice mix of marijuana hotspots and local attractions like breweries and wineries as well.

If you are looking to have a wedding in Denver and add a little fun to the mix, then you must contact them and look at their plethora of options for weddings in Denver.


  • Great for large groups looking to party
  • Local attractions included on the tours
  • Provide a complete guide to plan weddings in Denver

Here's to an evening of partying and fun

So, if you are looking to kick back and relax or celebrate a special occasion, I would recommend you head to Denver for an evening of partying and fun.

You will definitely have the time of your life!

All Your Questions Answered

I have been asked some questions every now and then, such as whether you can smoke marijuana in a limo or how expensive the tours are. I am trying to answer all the questions here based on my experience and, to the best of my knowledge –

Are there any good cannabis tours in Denver?

Oh, yes. There are several good hemp tours in Denver. There are amazing smoke shops to visit, or if you are a fan of glasswork, there are several glass galleries that might interest you. Tours also include a visit to a marijuana-growing operation.

Or you can even simply book a private limo and customize a tour for yourself, or just drive around as you kick back and relax.

Do I need an ID to book a marijuana tour?

Yes, you do need an ID to book a 420 limousine tour. The minimum age to consume marijuana in Colorado is 21 years; hence, all tour operators and service providers will ask for an ID to ascertain your age before confirming the booking.

What to expect when on a weed tour?

You can expect to enjoy a unique experience, like none other. From smoke shops to glass factories, there are a dozen things to do in and around Denver when on a tour. You can also customize a tour and select the places you wish to visit.

Are hemp tours expensive in the Mile-High city?

No, not really. There are all kinds of limo services in Denver, and they range in price. There are several reasonably priced tours as well.

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