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Are you thinking about hitting the road or taking to the skies for a vacation that's cannabis-friendly? Well, look no further than Colorado and the many delicate areas this Centennial State has to offer.

Not to mention being one of the very first regions in the country to embrace the legalization of cannabis--recreational and medical--so it's no wonder that the beauty of the Rocky Mountains calls to you with its numerous amenities and landscapes.

The Mile High City of Denver has some exciting, all-inclusive vacation package offerings that are too good to be true, especially if you're a cannabis fan and avid user of the proverbial and beneficial-to-your-health weed.

From 420 tours to couple's getaways to wintertime amenities galore, this marijuana-friendly environment has it all. Whatever you're interested in and want to partake in with your family, friends, or forever partner, there are a host of cannabis vacation packages that are irresistible.

Our Top 3 Picks Out of Denver

It's not simply planning and organizing and arriving and smoking pot that constitutes a vacation in Denver or one of the many tour packages this city has to offer. It's the entire notion that this 420-friendly city has plenty of lifestyle and 420 packages that are affordable for your everyday pleasure.

Whether you plan your getaway for a weekend, a week, a couple of days, or mixing and matching with several activities that revolve around a cannabis mindset, the Colorado Cannabis Tours is based in Denver, and you'll be amazed at what's involved in your all inclusive 420 vacations. Pack your bags and get ready!


My 420 Tours' Office

If you're searching for everything that a 420-friendly vacation has to offer, look no further. The 420 Tours' Office includes more than your fair share of cannabis treats--and we don't mean just the type you eat or smoke. This perfect weed getaway has been one of the most popular in Colorado, mainly because they go ALL OUT for their guests to experience what the entire cannabis industry is about. 

Take a peek at what awaits you on these 420 adventure packages that include a 2-night stay at a high-quality weed-friendly hotel, alongside the following euphoric activities:

  • A grow and dispensary tour
  • A canna-basics class with a Sommelier
  • An hour's worth of a cannabis-infused massage
  • Cannabis cooking classes
  • Sushi, sake, and joint-rolling class
  • A weed essentials gift bag (pipe, joint papers, lighter, grinder, and more)
  • A roundtrip 420-friendly airport transportation with your own private driver
  • A silver surfer vaporizer--complimentary
  • Local cannabis dispensary coupons, Lyft/Uber coupons, Cannabis Lifestyle magazines, and a host more!

My 420 Tours' Office is located in Denver, and these sensational packages are offered every Friday through Sunday. To inquire further about the many amenities, pricing, pet policies, hotel information, and any other questions you may have regarding this cannabis-friendly vacation, call (866)-601-0420 to book your stay and play. Within this entire My 420 Tours' menu, some serious and unique packages will titillate every ounce of your cannabis-craving needs, including:

Kush & Candy Factory Tour

$79 per person

Chronic & Cocktails$69 per guest

$69 per guest

Cannabis & Beyond - every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

$69 per person

Couples Cannabis Getaway

$1295 per couple

Greenhouse Grow Tour

$69 per guest

Hemp Cooking Class

$119 per person


Colorado Cannabis Tours

Denver tourism for the cannabis-friendly crowd doesn't want to sit behind the scenes. These all-inclusive vacation packages are incredibly full of education, activities, and adventures. Who wouldn't want to embark on one of these glorious escapes? A cannabis lifestyle is for the curious, the involved, the seeker, and the seasoned veteran who understands the value that cannabis brings to the table. 

Colorado Cannabis Tours has ten different varieties of vacation packages for every taste out there. From the Cannabis Pro Package to their Winter packages to their Foodie Package--where you'll learn the ins and outs of cooking and infusing cannabis into an assortment of treats and meals--these folks pull out all the stops. For instance:

  • Tour + Painting + Cooking Package
  • The 4-Day Puff & Powder Package
  • 5-Day Ski Resort Package
  • The 4-Day Summer Package
  • A Hotel, Tour & Cooking Class Package

Throw in some painting classes to that last item on the above list, and you're good to go! Did we mention that between April 15 and 23, Colorado hosts the U.S. Cannabis Cup, which is the grandest 420 party in the world? Denver is the place to be for this event, and if you need more information or have questions about any of the Colorado Cannabis Tour packages, please don't hesitate to contact these fine people at 303-420-8687. 

Someone is always standing by to answer questions and steer you in the right 420-friendly direction for the vacation of your dreams. And to help play tour guide to everything your heart desires when it comes to cannabis and the numerous wellness benefits this extraordinary plant has to offer.

Since 2013, Colorado Highlife Tours & Travel has been an all-encompassing establishment that helps cannabis consumers with several types of 420 vacations and 420 packages that include Denver weed tours and practically the entire state of Colorado marijuana tours.

What makes them incredibly special is that Colorado Highlife Tours & Travel is the first cannabis touring company to open in the state. They provide the most up-to-date information whereby the company takes everything you desire in the pot world and turns it into your dream Colorado weed vacation.

Based out of Colorado Springs, one of only a handful of mountain towns in the state that have cannabis consumption clubs for the weed-friendly tourist. Here are a few top features they offer on how to cavort with likeminded individuals who are just as much of an avid cannabis fan as you:

  • Denver dispensary deals
  • Cannabis coupons for your shopping trips
  • Lodging options with 420-friendly built-in
  • Daily 420 tours
  • They host events like Denver420 Fest and Colorado 420 Fest
  • Offer cannabis cooking classes concentrates classes, and grow tours

For more information on what Colorado Highlife Tours offers and the numerous vacation spots they want you to know about, call (860)837-0420. Gather the information and make your choice on where you'd like to stay, what adventures you'd enjoy that cater to 420-friendly people, and all cannabis tours they recommend.

Top Pick 

I will have to mention that the My 420 Tours' Office is about the best around. They're continually upgrading their all-inclusive vacation packages based on feedback from thousands of cannabis consumers who want only top-notch service and the highest quality weed experience outside their own living rooms.

It's not only an exciting getaway to book with the Denver-based My 420 Tours' Office, but a plethora of wellness essentials that only a cannabis-friendly vacation can provide.

In a Nutshell

 Are you packing your bags already? It's high time you treat yourself to what this environmentally sensational state showcases with their 420 all inclusive vacations.

From the 420 resorts in Colorado and many amenities to 420 lodging and learning experiences to 420 tours and cannabis collaborations, this Centennial State is on the cutting edge of giving tourists a great taste of everything weed-friendly. 

Once you've decided that THIS is where experiencing the highest adventure and most beautiful environment for your cannabis needs lies, book your reservation, and don't hesitate.

 The year 2021 is almost coming to a close, and your 420 all-inclusive vacation package is merely a phone call away. If you need more in-depth information and guidance, follow these links to your perfect getaway:

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