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  • April 13, 2023
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According to the latest updates, weed or cannabis is legal in 21 states in the USA. Besides, its commercial distribution is legal in all states, and its possession is legal everywhere except in D.C. and Virginia.

This herb has many benefits. For instance, weed helps treat muscle spasms, reduces anxiety, and increases appetite. However, a large or unhealthy amount may affect your memory and harm the lungs.

If you understand this and still want to buy weed, this guide is for you. Dig in and find all the factors to consider before you purchase and store this herb for use or distribution.

Things to Consider

Here are some essential factors.

Weed Measurements

  • Before you buy, you need to ensure that you should only get the correct amount of weed required. And for that, educate yourself with all the relevant measurements.
  • The smallest quantity is a dub of weed which is the equivalent of 20 dollars in weed. It can go from 0.7 to 1.5 grams, depending on the quality and potency. Then comes a gram.
  • An eighth of weed is around 3.5 grams, while a quarter equals seven grams. Many people also get half an ounce of weed, equal to 14 grams.
  • An ounce of weed is also called a zip and weighs almost 28 grams. This is the legal amount of weed you can use or carry in many states.
  • These measurements are important so you save money and avoid waste. Also, an awareness of all the measures helps you consume a safe quantity of weed every time.

Weed Quality Type

Weed can be classified into three categories, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each possesses different qualities and follows unique methods to grow.

For instance, Indica strains of weed are famous for their relaxing effects. These are best to consume at night as they relieve anxiety and reduce pain.

The Indica strains grow during colder climates and have a short growth cycle.

On the other hand, Sativa strains have narrow and tall leaves and help energize and uplift the user’s mood. This category is perfect for you if you want to consume weed to increase your productivity and focus during the day.

The strain takes longer than Indica to grow and typically develops during hot days.

The hybrid weed combines the above two strains and has qualities of each.

Weed can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Indoor cultivation is expensive but allows better control over temperature and humidity.

On the flip side, outdoor cultivation is cheap but depends on various external factors.

Weed Quality Type


Before purchasing weed, ask yourself how much you wish to spend. The price of weed depends on many factors, like quality, quantity, location, strain, and availability.

Weed with high quality has high potency, good appearance, and flavor; therefore, it is more expensive than low-quality weed. Similarly, a gram of weed is cheaper than an ounce of this herb.

When it comes to price, you should also consider the herb’s strain. Some strains take time and effort to cultivate, making them more expensive than others.

The location matters as well. In the areas where weed is legal, the herb might be readily available at a low price due to high competition. However, in illegal places, the prices might be high due to the increased cost of distribution and production.

In addition, the price of weed may also vary depending on your chosen dispensary and dealer. If you want to buy the herb at a fair rate, compare prices and research before you seal the deal.

Methods of Weed Consumption

You can consume weed through many methods. For instance, it can be enjoyed via smoking, edibles, and vaping. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and requires you to have the correct equipment to experience it.

Smoking is the easiest and most common method of weed consumption. You may need a blunt, pipe, or bonk to smoke weed. It offers an immediate effect of weed on your body.

You may also consider vaping when consuming weed. But ensure that you have a top-quality vaporizer for heating the herb and then inhaling the vapor.

Edibles are often infused with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive substance found in weed. Edibles are convenient to consume. However, they take longer to kick in and can be overconsumed without precaution.

There are also weed tinctures and topicals. It all comes down to how you wish to consume this substance. But, if price matters, smoking and vaping are the most inexpensive methods.

Alternatively, edibles can be expensive as they include the cost of other ingredients and the manufacturing process.

Methods of Weed Consumption

Final Takeaway

Buying weed should be taken seriously, especially if you haven’t purchased the substance before. Consider its weight, price, quality, type, and consumption method, so you can use it correctly and save money from being wasted.

Do your research and only consume the herb responsibly. This is imperative to reduce any chances of potential health risks and overconsumption of the substance.

Finally, regardless of the quantity purchased, store the herb in a jar away from sunlight and children. This way, it stays fresh and safe for a long duration.

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