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  • August 25, 2023
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If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you will probably know about aligning your sessions with seasons. It makes sense because you will enjoy them more by following the season-specific guidelines. You cannot expect things to be the same during freezing winters and sweltering summers. Well, summer is here, and it is time to rework your routines and ensure that your cannabis sessions are refreshing.

Did you know that heat can affect the potency and flavor of your stash? That’s the reason you must store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. According to studies, high temperatures can also degrade THC, resulting in a less potent high. How do you keep your stash smelling good and giving the best results? And are there ways to realign your consumption habits to beat the heat?

Don’t sweat it because we have an actionable list of things to do to enjoy your cannabis to the fullest this summer. And you need not be a pro to adopt them; just a few changes here and there, and you’re good to go. So buckle up, and let us take you for an exciting ride you will love!

Keep Your Supplies Cool

Cannabis products are delicate, so they require caution and care when it comes to storage. High temperatures can affect the quality and potency of the products, making it difficult to store them for extended periods. One of the easiest ways to keep your cannabis products cool is to use a refrigerator. Make sure to use airtight containers to avoid moisture and odor transfer.

However, avoid freezing your cannabis products as it can damage the delicate trichomes and affect the potency and flavor. Another option is to use a cooler with ice packs if you’re traveling with your cannabis products. Humidity packs are also an excellent way to maintain the ideal humidity levels in your cannabis storage containers.

Lastly, store your cannabis products in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the potency of the products by breaking down the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Choose The Right Strain

Choose the right strains

Choosing the right cannabis strains in summer is crucial to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience. When selecting a cannabis strain, it is essential to consider the effects of the strain and the individual’s tolerance level. High-THC strains can lead to increased heart rate and anxiety, which may be uncomfortable in hot weather. Instead, choosing strains with lower THC levels or balanced ratios of THC and CBD is better.

These strains can provide a more relaxed and calming experience without the potential adverse side effects. Sativa strains can also be a good option for summer use as they provide an energizing and uplifting effect. It is also important to consider the strain’s terpene profile, as certain terpenes can provide additional benefits, such as anti-inflammatory or anti-anxiety properties. Ultimately, it is up to the individual’s preference and experience to choose the right strain for summer use. There’s a large selection of terpenes available online, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding one you really like.

Invest In a New Device

Vapers and smokers cannot just roll and go in the hot weather. Think beyond the product and focus on technique for a cool cannabis session this season. Yes, you heard it right, vapers! Investing in a new device that offers temperature control is an excellent idea.

Yocan gives many options, so look for the Yocan vaporizer logo when buying a new tool for the season. Also, check the temperature ranges and control buttons to ensure better control over your sessions. Try different settings until you find an ideal one that gives you the kick!

Experiment With Chilled Edibles and Drinks

Besides cool cannabis vapor, there are several other ways to enjoy cannabis this summer. Why not experiment with chilled treats like infused popsicles and iced teas? You’ll get a refreshing high that makes you feel good in the hot weather.

Also, edibles and drinks are more discreet, so you don’t need to worry about getting unwanted attention. You can pick these products from your favorite dispensary because the market is flooded with innovative options. Alternatively, try pushing your culinary skills and exploring new recipes online. You can indeed find some good ones.

Experiment with chilled edibles and drinks

Get Creative With Activities

Summer is an ideal time to get outside and enjoy some activities. There are many cannabis-friendly options to try,  host a backyard barbecue for like-minded friends, plan an outdoor trip, or enjoy a chill session with a movie.

Just make sure to stick with optimal doses and stay hydrated. And take an occasional break to reset your tolerance level. Remember to follow the rules and be discreet because unwanted attention can get you into trouble even while you have all the good intentions. For example, you should enjoy your sessions at home or a friend’s place instead of driving around.

Final Thoughts 

That summarizes some ways to maximize your summer cannabis experience while staying relaxed and comfortable. Luckily, there are many ways to have fun without worrying about the heat. You’ll love every session by following these easy tips. Have a great time with your stash and like-minded buddies!

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