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It's no surprise that the beautiful state of Colorado is at the helm of the weed movement. These lawmakers and 420 activists have been hitting the pavement hard for almost ten years. When Colorado became super marijuana-friendly and legalization happened in 2012, the entire Rocky Mountain population created their own style of celebrations.

Everything cannabis seemed to spring out of nowhere, but none more so than in the capital city of Denver. This Mile High City has been at the forefront of medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis lodging, and weed-friendly tours. In fact, 420 tours of Colorado are all the rage and an extra boon to the entire cannabis industry that's shown no sign of letting up.

Denver 420 Tours Explained

For the novice individual navigating your way through all the legalities and education surrounding the cannabis industry, it's worth noting that Colorado has been leading the charge for quite some time. Most touring agent businesses and enterprises have jumped on the bandwagon to ensure travelers to this fine state actually submerge into the cannabis culture. They can feel an experience like no other. A 420 tour is precisely what the medical marijuana doctor ordered.

Most 420 tours offer an enormous range of activities and learning environments. From cooking classes to conversations with growers and budtenders, to marijuana-infused dinners, all the way up to lodging and supreme accommodations at a 420-friendly vacation stay--you can get the most high-end deal and experience for what you're willing to pay. Consider this a marijuana vacation that's something you've always wanted to do, yet never explored how it all works and what's involved.

Safe to say that a 420 tour of Denver is the premier place to get started. 

The 5 Best 420 Weed Tours in the Mile High City

If you've ever been to Denver, you'll understand how progressive and incredibly clean the city is, not to mention the cultural aspect of the vibe that prevails. Cannabis-friendly places abound, with the overall population welcoming the legalization of marijuana and its natural benefits. 


Colorado Cannabis Tours

As the original Colorado cannabis tour, this company is the creme de la creme when it comes to showcasing marijuana tours. At a price of $79 per person, you'll receive:

Colorado Cannabis Tours
  • Complimentary pickup from a luxurious tour bus
  • Three stops in the entire 4 hours 20-minute tour
  • Tour a 40,000 square foot growing facility at the legendary Medicine Man Denver
  • A visit at two dispensaries in the area
  • A live glass-blowing demonstration
  • A vaporizer and dab rental, if you're in the area longer than a day

I'll mention that this is the only tour in Denver to offer the live glass-blowing experience. Also, check out their 420 Friendly Lodging, which is abundant in Colorado. To take part in Denver's most extended running cannabis tour, simply call (303) 420-8687 to book your reservation online.


My 420 Tours

With a name like 'Blaze and Gaze, a Graffiti Walking Tour,' this is Denver's most affordable cannabis tour that's available Wednesdays through Saturdays. For only $29 per person, you'll be able to:

  • Visit a local dispensary and decide which strain suits your fancy
  • Light up in a private lounge
  • Complete backstory tour on each of the ten murals in the RiNo (River North) district
  • A 2.5-mile walking tour

The Blaze and Glaze of Denver's art district is a street that's wall-to-wall colorful and innovative murals by local artists. Your tour guide will impress you with his creative storytelling, insist you slow your roll and take it all in, and provide the why's of each mural and the included history. The Blaze and Gaze sell out rather quickly, so it's best to book your cannabis tour way in advance, especially if you want to enjoy every aspect of Denver street art alongside the best toke on the planet. 

 Engaging weed fans can get in touch with My 420 Tours at (720) 504-4420.


City Sessions Denver

This industry insider tour has been billed as the most educational weed tour in Denver. Geared towards those who are interested in being more involved in the entire cannabis operation, City Sessions Denver also caters to those individuals curious enough to learn more about the whole process of the weed industry. Colorado pulls out all the stops on this tour, giving you information on how it began to where it's at today. 

During your City Sessions in Denver tour, you'll get:

  • Visit cultivation facilities, extraction labs, and dispensaries
  • Receive an in-depth review of the constantly changing regulations and laws in the Colorado cannabis industry
  • Learn how to achieve a successful business model through the marijuana industry

Final note: this tour is a good one if you're visiting Denver and not necessarily interested in consuming or smoking weed, but you simply want to understand how a marijuana business operation arrives at its successful model. To reserve your private tour experience and learn more about the cannabis industry, call (720) 250-8828.

The originators of Loopr wanted this tour to be the most chill of all Denver tours. So those of you from out of town who are seeking some fun and a relaxing place to light up--since you know that Colorado law doesn't allow you to smoke weed in public places. 

Loopr has found a way to bring the cannabis delight to you. The perpetual question for those inquiring about Denver and surrounding Colorado areas is, "where can I smoke?" Here's where Loopr comes in.

Here's what they offer:

  • A hop-on-hop-off gigantic party bus that takes you to dispensaries and other 420-friendly establishments along the way
  • Movie nights on Thursdays on the bus
  • Tours offered five days per week

One thing I'll mention about the movie nights. They're no ordinary experience--you can commune cannabis-style with like-minded friends, explore Denver, and watch a few classic weed movies such as "The Big Lebowski" and "Harold and Kumar," to name a few. You can reach the good Loopr people and enjoy these exclusive tours at (303) 816-8458. 

For a super outdoorsy tour that wants you to enjoy it pretty much half-baked, Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountains is a private tour with prices at $300 per person. Your tour guide is the eccentric Bob "Doc" Young, who will take you on a 4-hour tour from Estes Park to captivating mountain scenes and picturesque streams and lakes.

On this tour, you'll:

  • Learn to fly fish while enjoying some of Colorado's finest quality cannabis
  • A 4-hour tour from Estes Park to captivating mountain scenes, picturesque streams, and lakes
  • Educational and nourishing experience
  • Relax with your tour guide, Bob "Doc" Young, and smoke all the cannabis you want 

Listen to what Doc says--he knows. He'll directly tell you that "Serious people die early, and that sucks." Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountains is a one-of-a-kind adventure in this pristine landscape of Colorado. For more information and questions about the tour, contact this 5-star, highly rated company (and Doc himself) at (417) 860-4175.

Wrapping Up

Colorado now officially hosts more than 3,000 cannabis businesses, and there's no end in sight for stopping the growth of this marijuana industry. If this overwhelms you as a visitor and potential Centennial State weed tourist, compiling the above list of the premier Denver weed tours to explore will help you navigate this burgeoning industry.

Suppose you are an avid cannabis user looking for an all-inclusive 420 vacation or a non-smoker seeking to learn more about the business side of marijuana in Colorado. Or you simply want to indulge in craft beers that Denver is famous for. There's a Mile High weed tour for you. 

Denver offers a wide range of customizable cannabis tours led by some of our most professional marijuana experts. Whether you launch your adventure into a grow tour, a dispensary stop, a cooking class with cannabis, or sightseeing at one of Denver's hotspots while toking away, just know that you've come to the right place in Colorado for everything weed-friendly.

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