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Depending on where you’re living, the amount you’re paying for cannabis could seem like extortion. In some cities, the price for an ounce has reached an eye-watering $500! But if you’re a savvy bargain hunter, you can find a great deal if you look hard enough.

Before cannabis was big business, street dealers sold an ounce for as little as $10. Now that some states have legalized cannabis, public markets have opened, leading to more competition – which is good for consumers. It means businesses have had to get competitive with their pricing, offering great deals to get your hands on via coupon sites!

These websites allow thrifty cannabis consumers to locate the best deal for them. To help you in your search for the best deal, below are some of the best sites when it comes to discounts and coupons to save money when buying marijuana:

Cannabis Vouchers

Cannabis Vouchers is a site that offers some of the best deals you’ll find online. They are a small team who are enthusiastic about all things cannabis, and they do more than merely sourcing the best deals. They offer tips, guides, and information that helps you discover more ways to save.

You can find all sorts of vouchers and deals on the site – not just for cannabis dispensaries, either. You’ve got a whole range of CBD products, from oils and gummies to balms and pet CBD. Then there are seed bank coupons, vapes, grow supplies, and offers for every imaginable smoking supply. 

With over 3000 coupons from over 350 stores, you’re sure to save a small fortune if you make them your first stop when purchasing cannabis products online.

Cannabis Vouchers


CannaSaver is a no-nonsense discount site. As soon as you hit the front page, you’re presented with the best deals, and they also have the prices of all deals visible immediately. This allows you to choose which is best for you.

A quick look today, and I spied a free blunt just for checking out a store! Impressively, the site has Tommy Chong’s seal of approval too. The only reason they are not our number 1 is because they do not offer the same broad selection as Cannabis Vouchers. 

Sticky Guide

Sticky Guide is a rating and review site for cannabis with an added coupon section. The site is for marijuana users based in Washington, Colorado, and California. It also has a handy menu for coupons which you can filter by zip code and neighborhood.

The deal selection isn’t as varied as other sites, but the deals are pretty good. They’re mainly special gifts and discounts exclusive to new customers. If you’re in one of the listed areas, they may be worth checking out. Sticky Guide also rates different strains for each establishment, giving you a good sense of the strain quality.


Wikileaf easily has the most advanced website of any on our list. It has a unique interface that works like this: 

  1. Customers input their location or a location they’re interested in. 
  2. Then a map pops up with the nearest cannabis stores marked. 
  3. Customers then filter down their selection in several ways, including how much they want to spend, travel, etc.
  4. The next part is the best bit: the site will tell you exactly how much cannabis you’ll get for your money at each venue! 

The only real downside is that you probably won’t get as good of a deal on here as some of the other sites on this list. This is because it’s more geared towards medical use.


Leafly doesn’t seem to have anything unique about it at first glance. It mainly reviews dispensaries, which can be handy if you’re looking for one when visiting a new location.

But if you dig a little deeper, there’s an ‘affordability’ feature, which allows you to find the best deals for the price. You’ll also find a quick filter for special deals and happy hours.

Leafly does something which you probably never knew you needed as well. It informs you whether the specific dispensary accepts credit cards or has an ATM outside.


Last on the list is Weedmaps. Weedmaps is good if you want deals in a fixed location. It isn’t transparent when presenting the deals as the other sites, as you must sign up for the email list to get discounts from local dispensaries. If you move around a lot, it could get very annoying!

You’ll get emails with local deals and information about dispensaries. Because Weedmaps targets local dispensaries, you probably won’t have access to an extensive range of deals.

Which coupon site is best for you?

Which coupon site is best for you?

As you can see from our selection of sites, there’s a tonne of choice regarding cannabis coupon sites. Which is best for you comes from your unique wants and needs, but we recommend checking out Cannabis Vouchers first. No matter how far you want to travel or how much you want to spend, there’s sure to be a coupon you can use.

Whatever your needs are, browse a few sites to find the best deal. Don’t just grab the first good deal you see. Take your time, compare the best ones, and check back often for new offers.

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