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Colorado legalized recreational marijuana more than seven years ago, but the state hasn't figured out this whole social-consumption issue yet. A new law allows areas for cannabis use in some businesses and rooms for dispensary tasting. Still, for these businesses to thrive and operate, local governments must back up these programs. In Denver and throughout Colorado, this process is happening slowly.

In the cannabis industry, Colorado is fairly notorious as a pioneer state which legalized the use of marijuana. Throughout Denver multitude of dispensaries are already established. There is a rise in smoking bars and lounges in the cities devoted to providing social and safe places for weed lovers to relax and enjoy themselves.

These lounges work in compliance with drug smoking regulations to create one-of-a-kind experiences for marijuana enthusiasts over 21 years of age. There is more freedom of choice for those searching for a hip and enjoyable place to use marijuana in Denver.

Colorado, which is the first state to allow recreational drug use, foreshadows America's 420 future, with happy faces, cross-economic unity, marijuana bars, and lounges on every corner. Almost every smoke lounge has a small dab area. Dabs are the waxy pot concentrate with high THC levels.

Do you need help in locating the famous dab smoking bars? We've created a dedicated list of the top 9 marijuana lounges and pot bars in Denver.

In Denver, the Coffee Joint holds a historical value as it was the first recreational lounge to obtain a license in Denver's history. As a communal pot and coffee bar, the Coffee Joint provides a relaxed environment where you can socialize with other pot lovers.


  • It is quicker to get down to dab-ness because it's attached to a conference room, pharmacy, and a luxurious lounge.
  • They also hold many new fun activities during the week, ranging from live music to gaming nights to informative cannabis lessons.
  • It would be best to keep in mind that this is a lounge for cannabis consumption and not for purchase.
  • You'll need to have your edibles or marijuana if you wish to visit this place.
    If you're making your batch, check the taste of all your edibles before going to The Coffee Joint, so you don't get left out in the cold.

Tetra 9 in Denver gives immediate access to Denver's Arts District's center and is likely the best choice for those looking for a marijuana lounge and bar.

A single day's membership costs $20, so it isn't the most economical lounge in Denver. However, the higher prices are compensated and balanced with outclass ambiance.


  • This smoking lounge has a cool atrium-lit interior with flat screens and couches and an outdoor patio filled with art that lets in the fresh air.
  • Tetra 9 is not only spacious but also trendy.
  • It offers a pleasant and secure place to kick back, smoke, and chill. You can use something borrowed from the lounge or your equipment.
  • You also get access to their outclass electric dab counter.
  • They often hold exclusive activities like live music and cannabis lessons, extending the laid-back vibe they've developed.

If you want a chic, modern, 420-friendly feel, Tetra 9 Private Lounge is the right place for you to go.

Can you remember Studio 60? On the Sunset Strip, perhaps? Studio 420 is their more laid-back cousin. With a huge weed bar right in the center of their store and a large selection of custom-blown items, this is a very smoke-friendly head shop.

Studio 420 is the way to go if you want to enjoy weed in a discreet pot lounge that isn't nearly as expensive as Tetra 9. You can get a membership for the whole month for just $20, with a $10 charge per visit. It is an outstanding deal because you can use the lounge and smoking accessories, pipes, and dab rigs.


  • While socializing and smoking at Studio 420, members can also enjoy ice cream, snacks, Netflix, and games.
  • However, it isn't a dispensary, so you must have your own supplies if you want to visit.
  • If you are running low, getting some pot shouldn't be a problem because you can find dispensaries at every nook and cranny in Denver.

The only decision you'll have to make is whether you want to smoke or eat before your out-of-the-world experience at Studio 420.

Why not go on a cannabis road trip? You can discover all about the industry and visit exclusive dispensaries with Loopr. Loopr is a service that provides incredible weed trips around Denver. Engage in one extensive, laid-back smoke session as the portable pot lounge.


  • Visitors can see a different side of Denver, from food to nature, with these differently-themed tours.
  • Loopr will lift you from different locations across town and transport you to snack bars, cafes, book shops, and dispensaries noted for their outstanding weed products.
  • The most significant thing to remember is that dabbing is permitted onboard.

Loopr might be just what you're looking for if you're in search of an exclusive experience that will offer you an insight into Denver's flourishing cannabis culture.

Colorado Cannabis Tours, another weed tourism company, provides thrilling tours of Denver's most appealing 420 safe locations. Although the prices can be very high, the entire experience is worth every penny. You can also enjoy some great activities for free.


  • You can enjoy your weed while traveling across the city in a limo or party bus.
  • You can also get to tour some of Denver's finest dispensaries, check out tasters of various strains, see a glass blowing show, and so much more!
  • Although it is not a smoking lounge, the trip itself is a chance to smoke and taste pot.
  •  You are welcome to smoke to your heart's content while in transit.

This trip can be an entertaining and fun way to learn about Denver's booming weed culture, and it's a perfect means to benefit Colorado's relaxed drug laws.

Club 64 is unique from the other pot clubs in town because it brings anonymity to an entirely new height by concealing its actual venue.


  • Anyone over the age of 21 can consider signing up for registration on the phone.
  • You can also register at the door for a nominal fee.
  • The location of Club 64 is only known after membership is acquired.
  • To get the details, new members are required to join at 4:20 PM in downtown Denver.
  • Membership gives you entry to the club and grants you access to a database of exclusive 420 friendly clubs and bars across the area.

Club 64 is the place to go if you want to meet people who share your interests in a more relaxed and secluded environment.

By definition Spectra Art Space isn't a smoke bar; it's a gallery showcasing Denver's creatives and artists.


  • Spectra Art Space highlights the talents of local restaurateurs, singers, photographers, and musicians.
  • It provides an outstanding smoking experience, where you can casually smoke while enjoying some amazing food made by local chefs or admiring some fantastic art.
  • During the events, you can use marijuana in the backyard.
  • Because it's neither a pharmacy nor a smoking bar, you have to carry your own weed.
  • Feel free to utilize the stunning backyard for your recreational purposes.

You must carry your own marijuana since it is not a pot lounge nor a dispensary. For your recreational purposes, feel free to use the lovely backyard.

Ganja Gourmet is the first legal marijuana hybrid dispensary-restaurant in Colorado. It's not only a laid-back spot to vape when snacking on classic munchies, but it's also a perfect spot to get food.


  • Visitors are allowed to smoke freely with friends over a short bite in this very social setting.
  • The welcoming atmosphere of this place will enable you to have a relaxed experience.
  • Along with other conventional edibles, Ganja Gourmet offers cannabis-infused lasagna and pizzas.
  • You'll need to have your edibles or marijuana if you wish to visit this place.
    You can quickly satisfy your pot appetite with a flavorful meal.

Ganja Gourmet is a perfect place to meet with friends and enjoy weed while eating some tasty foods if you love the traditional stoner aesthetic.

Speakeasy Vape Lounge & Cannabis, located on East Bijou Lane, is a dimly lit marijuana bar in Denver.


  • It has a retro video game space, lively dance floor, and pool tables.
  • All kinds of people from high and low visit this place.

Visit this place, order some dinner, and see who you meet next.

Cannabis lounges and bars are the famous spots to relax and make the most out of what Denver offers for many people who live in or visit the area. Each of these lounges offers different things. No matter which one you visit, you're guaranteed to have a unique and fun experience.

Although marijuana has a long and controversial past in the United States, the future of cannabis in the United States rests in areas like Denver, which provide places for pot enthusiasts to gather in public and smoke freely.

You will get an insight into the weed industry's rapidly changing prospect by visiting the above finest smoking lounges and bars in Denver, Colorado.

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