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  • December 12, 2023
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CBD is all the rage these days and is people’s answer to almost everything. Stressed? CBD. Need help to focus? CBD. Sore back? CBD. It seems to have become man’s best friend… but could it also help man’s (four-legged) best friend?

That’s right, CBD products for pets exist, and CBD oil for pets is becoming as popular as someone with a pocket full of hot dogs at the dog park. People want nothing but the best for their pets, and as more people discover the benefits of CBD products, they are becoming increasingly common for pets, too. Presently, there needs to be more consolidated evidence for CBD oil to be officially licensed for therapeutic use or to be widely promoted by veterinarians.

How It Works

Despite the lack of a clear scientific green light, there are plenty of studies and anecdotal reports of it being highly successful in managing conditions similar to its effect on humans. This makes sense as dogs, cats, and other mammals are known to have a similar endocannabinoid system (ECS) to humans, so it’s reasonable to assume that CBD products, which work by bonding with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, can cause similar effects.

use of CBD oil for pets

What Is The Use Of CBD Oil For Pets?

As CBD works on the ECS, which controls and regulates many vital functions throughout the body, it has a wide range of potential benefits. It could help your four-legged companion in numerous ways so they can stay happy and active for years to come.

CBD has the potential to manage the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, seizures, stress, and anxiety in pets. We are seeing more and more studies into the effects of CBD oil on pets, with the majority of research currently focusing on dogs. It is thought to have similar applications for cats, but certain studies show that further research is required to understand its uses for our feline friends.

The pain- and inflammation-reducing properties of CBD oil are ideal for relieving your pet of the discomfort of osteoarthritis and other joint issues. The anxiolytic aspects can be beneficial to pets that struggle with separation anxiety or overarousal.

The multifactorial benefits of CBD oil for pets make it so popular and effective. It could offer improved relief from various conditions as health and well-being issues in our pets are rarely found in isolation. For example, behavioral conditions in dogs are very commonly linked to pain, so using multifaceted treatments that can not only soothe anxiety, for, example, but also relieve pain and inflammation may prove much more effective.

Choosing The Right CBD Oil

Unfortunately, the CBD industry as a whole is poorly regulated. Given the market’s rapid growth, this situation has resulted in a host of low-grade products hitting the shelves. It seems as if anyone looking for a “get rich quick” scheme has settled on the CBD oil industry. Consequently, you can’t trust what is on the label because the product may not contain what you think. 

One study showed that only 10 of the 30 products tested contained within 10% of the CBD content stated on the label, and some of the products contained contaminants such as heavy metals. You don’t need me to tell you what could happen if you or your pet consumed such products!

So, how can you find CBD oil for pets that is safe and reliable? It is important to purchase products from a genuine, trustworthy, and professional company. Retailers should be open, honest, and proud about their manufacturing process and offer readily available lab reports to prove the quality of their products.

Look for products such as this 500mg CBD oil for dogs, which is made by a reputable company, PureKana, and has all of the information you need available online. They even give it a delicious bacon flavor to ensure your furry friend gobbles it up—no questions asked!

It is also important to look out for signs of CBD toxicity, which can include vomiting, a fast or slow heart rate, restlessness, and pale gums. There are no recommended doses, so start low and build up gradually, keeping a close eye out for any adverse effects.

Choosing the right CBD oil

Is It Right For My Pet?

Ultimately, you know your pet better than anyone and only want what’s best for them. If you think the benefits of CBD oil could improve their quality of life, then it’s definitely worth speaking to your vet and giving it a go.

As long as your pet is healthy and you start with a low dosage, increasing gradually to avoid adverse effects, then the most significant risk is that they get a new lease on life and start running you ragged again like they did as a pup!

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