Top 6 Cannabis Companies Selling Supreme CBD Oils & Tinctures: Denver, CO & Beyond 

 March 27, 2021

By  Rafi C.

CBD has gained huge momentum in the recent years since it has been approved for treatment of several healthcare problems like anxiety, depression and chronic pain. There are so many benefits that are attracting people to consume it. People have also taken to cannabidiol for recreation purposes since it is a safe, non-psychoactive element.
The best part about consuming CBD is the wide variety in forms and products that it offers. You can consume it in the form of oils, tinctures, capsules and concentrates. You can also go for more fun and tasty options like chocolates, brownies, gummies and candies.
I personally lean towards oils and tinctures since they have a higher absorption rate and also show a faster effect than several other products. You can also mix certain oils in food and drinks to make things fun and exciting.
There are various kinds available on the market today. There is a wide variety based on flavors and potency among other things. One can easily find something they like out of the hundreds of options at their disposal.
In this guide, I am compiling all the important information about oils and tinctures that I believe one must know before consuming it. I have also shared some of the best oils and tinctures that remain my personal favorites.
If you are new to the world of CBD, this guide would definitely help you navigate your way.

Top Six Cannabis Brands & Their Prime Products

A lot of companies have started making CBD products. Before you purchase a product from any company, make sure they are selling good quality that is produced in a quality control environment. Consuming a poor quality product can cause severe complications.
Keeping that in mind, I am sharing a list of my personal favorite companies to purchase oils and tinctures. They offer a wide variety of high quality products to look through.

The Breckenridge Hemp Co. offers a variety of oils and tinctures for anxiety, sleep and other problems. My favorite product from their offering is the 500mg CBD sleep oil which also contains 100mg of CBN. It uses MCT as a carrier oil and you get a good enough dose of CBD and CBN. The CBN compound is well known to promote a deep and restful sleep.

Breckenridge-500 mg CBD Sleep Oil

Overall Rating: 5/5

The oil is effective to provide a good night’s rest when feeling tired or stressed out. It will help to calm down frayed nerves. It retails for $85 on their website.

This company offers three different kinds of CBD oils that are geared to provide different benefits. You can pick and choose according to your own personal health goals. I personally like the following three products from their catalogue –

First in line is their oil that starts retailing at $34.99 on their website and online store. Their oil tinctures are made from CO2 extracted non-GMO industrial hemp CBD oil that is grown naturally. It also contains MCT coconut oil as a carrier oil. They provide third-party lab tested products for customers to consume.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The best part about this oil is that you can choose the amount of CBD you want or you can also pick an oil based on your mood like for sleep, relaxation or for fun.

Second in line is their CBG Oil Tincture which is a mix of CBD and CBG. It retails at $69 on their website. It is made from a high quality CBD and CBG extracted from naturally grown hemp. It is a vegan product that also contains organic MCT coconut oil. 


Overall Rating: 5/5

CBG is said to closely interact with human brain receptors and help in functions related to sleep, pain and appetite.

Lastly, I also like their CBN Oils and Tinctures. These are specially made for a deep and restful sleep. It contains CBN extracts from non-GMO, naturally grown hemp in Colorado. Even this contains MCT coconut oil and is vegan, pesticide-free. It retails at $59.99 on their website.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Even this contains MCT coconut oil and is vegan, pesticide-free. It retails at $59.99 on their website.

The 500mg CBD Oil – Mint Flavor is a wonderful product from the Pure Hemp website. It is made from extracts of organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp. The taste and smell of the oil is also great since it is infused with a natural mint flavor. It has a cooling effect on the body.

If you are a fan of peppermint, then you will definitely like this product. It is great to relax and unwind after a stressful day. It is also priced at an affordable rate of $40 for a bottle of oil. They are known to offer pure, high quality products.

cbd-pure-isolate-500mg-mint-flavor-Pure Hemp Shop

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

If you don’t like the mint flavor, you can also try their other CBD oils and tinctures that come in natural flavor as well. 

Starting at $29.99, the CBD Oil by CBD Pure is a great product. It is a full spectrum oil. It contains extracts from organically grown hemp in family farms in Washington and Colorado.

The CBD is extracted with the help of 100% CO2 only and no harsh chemicals are used to extract or process the cannabidiol. It is also available in a precise dosage to be taken without any hassle.


Overall Rating: 5/5

The bottles are available in three varieties. You can choose different concentrations starting from 300mg of CBD and going up to a 1000mg of CBD.

Savage CBD has wonderful CBD oils and tinctures to offer. The best part about their product range is the variety in flavors. Their flavors are unconventional and have a unique twist to them. Their products are available in flavors such as pink grapefruit, lemon and lime; and, even cucumber. They have given a tangy twist to tinctures.

My favorite is the Lemon and Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture that retails at $28.99 on their website and online store plus with free shipping across the US. They offer high quality extracts and all their tinctures and oils are lab tested as well. The bottle contains 1000mg of full spectrum CBD; it is very reasonably priced. You can also get bottles of 1500mg and 2000mg depending on what you need.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This product can be added to drinks and food also. It is especially good when you wish to give a lemon-y twist to drinks and enjoy your dose at the same time.

Mana Artisan Botanics is well known for high quality cannabidiol. They make delicious chocolates and edibles. They also have a wide range of oils and tinctures. I prefer the following two products from their range –
The Hawaiian CBD Oil Intro with Turmeric and Vanilla flavor retails at $35 on their website. It is a soft, subtle introduction to the world of CBD oils and tinctures. It is made from isolate free, organic hemp oil and has fresh Hawaiian turmeric and whole grain, organic vanilla bean.


Overall Rating: 5/5

The carrier oils used include Hawaiian macadamia nut oil and MCT coconut oil. It delivers 150mg in every 1oz.

The other product is a stronger version of the same oil. It is called the Hawaiian CBD Oil 3X with Turmeric and Vanilla. It starts at $130 and delivers about 900mg of CBD in every 1oz.


Overall Rating: 5/5

It is a very strong, potent formulation of CBD oil with a fresh, invigorating flavor.

What is Cannabidiol oil?

Cannabidiol oil is a combination of extracts from the cannabis plant and a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Producers have now started using a wide variety of carrier oils as well to suit different taste palates. CBD Oil has seen a surge in demand in the recent years since scientific studies have proved that it can help relieve certain ailments and provide comfort to patients.

Does the oil get you high?

It is a common misconception among people; many think that CBD, like marijuana, can get you ‘high’ or ‘stoned’; however, that, is not true. Unlike marijuana, is not a psychoactive element. It doesn’t give you that ‘high’ feeling but just helps to ease off and relieve certain pains and ailments.

Are there any side effects of taking this oil?

No, CBD oil and tinctures are generally considered to be the safest products to consume. However, if you are trying it for the first time, you might feel a few symptoms such as drowsiness, tiredness and nausea. These symptoms will go away with time.

What are the benefits?

There has been a lot of scientific research in the past few years. There is scientific evidence that suggests that marijuana oils and tinctures can help relieve certain ailments. It can also offer patients of certain diseases several benefits such as –

  • Relieving chronic pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Reduce cancer related symptoms
  • Reduce skin problems like acne
  • Helps with gastrointestinal issues
  • Helps in diabetes prevention
  • Helps boost overall heart health

What is the difference between oil and tincture?

Tinctures are alcohol-based extracts. A high grade alcohol acts as a solvent to extract compounds from the cannabis plant. The final product is about 60 to 70 percent alcohol. While this enhances the shelf life by several years, it also makes the product bitter in taste. However, producers have now started mixing different flavors or sweeteners or other supplements to mask the bitterness of alcohol and offer a better tasting product.

How to choose between the two?

Well, both forms of CBD are effective and safe to consume. The only point of difference between the two is the production process and the fact that tinctures contain alcohol. You can choose according to your own personal goals and taste preference. For example, some people prefer an alcohol based product over oil since they find it to be easier on their digestive system.

Turn to Tinctures and Oils for Better Health

If you haven’t already started taking Cannabidiol for better health, you must definitely consider adding it to your routine. It has amazing health benefits for both physical and mental health. It is also a great way to simply relax and unwind after a long, stressful day at work.
The best part is that you can choose from so many amazing products that range in flavor, taste and strength. There is something for everyone to try and like. 

About the author 

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