Top 7 Best-Selling CBD Isolates and Concentrates: Colorado Brands 

 April 7, 2021

By  Rafi C.

Cannabis has been a big rage in recent times.
While people have been consuming cannabis for centuries, it had always been looked at with uncertainty by most since there was little awareness about this product. However, recent developments have changed things.
Scientific, research-based evidence has suggested that cannabis can have amazing benefits in the treatment of several illnesses. Cannabidiol products have also been approved and authorized for use in treatments by regulatory bodies across the world.
I have compiled this article by drawing on my extensive research into the subject and my varied personal experiences. My aim is to help create awareness about cannabidiol and the variety of ways in which they can change people’s lives.
If you are new to CBDs, you will definitely find this a helpful starting point. 

Top-Rated Brands Selling Premium CBD Concentrates & Isolates

I have tried isolates and concentrates on several occasions. For me, the main focus is always purity and quality of the hemp-extracted CBD. I like to buy from brands that have consistently provided high quality, pure cannabidiol; often tested with third party laboratories.
Since our main focus is Colorado, most products that I have tried are either made in Colorado or are produced by cannabidiol extracted from hemp grown in the Denver, Colorado area. Colorado has one of the largest hemp farms in the US; over 80,000 acres of land has been dedicated to hemp farming. The hemp grown here is of a high quality and safe for consumption.
I am sharing some of my favorite brands; some are based in Colorado while some are based out of the state as well. Here are some of the brands and companies that I trust and keep going back to again and again for my private stock – 

Healthworx is a Colorado-based company that is known for highly pure, high quality hemp derived CBD products. It offers several great products, however, my favorite are the Shatter and the Isolate which are high quality products that I have been taking for a while now.

Shatter is made from 99% pure CBD extract that is derived from non-GMO hemp plant. It is available in a crystallized form and there are several options to choose from based on different essences and flavor profiles. 

You can choose from options such as lemon and pineapple.

Overall Rating: 5/5

It has zero detectable levels of THC. It retails for $49.49 for a bottle which contains 1000mg of cannabidiol.

This is also a good product. It starts at just $9.99 and is the purest form of crystallized cannabidiol that is made with 99% pure hemp-derived compounds. It is extracted with a 100% CO2 method and is even tested by third party labs for safety and quality. 


Overall Rating: 5/5

A bottle contains 500 milligrams extracted from hemp plants grown in and around Denver, Colorado.

Again a famous Colorado brand, The Breckenridge Hemp Co. has been around for a long time; and, it has earned a reputation of offering good quality, unique products. While this company offers other forms of cannabidiols as well, in the isolates category, I like this product the most – 

Behold, their Pure Pharma-grade Isolate which retails at a price of $40 for 1000mg of CBD. It is made with 99% pure cannabidiol and is also available in a crystallized form. 

It has zero levels of THC since it is a pure isolate.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

You can add it in any food item or mix it with a juice or something as well. It is an ideal product to make your own CBD items at home.

Pure Hemp has been one of my favorite brands for several forms of cannabidiol. They have a variety of products. I would recommend you to try the following three products from their catalogue –

Starting at $40, the Shatter is a great product. It also contains real hemp terpenes which gives them a particular flavor and scent. It has a good quality, pure hemp-derived CBD content which has little amounts of THC. 

CBD Shatter + Terpenes

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This concentrated product can help in fast relief from pains and aches. A single bottle contains about 1 gram of cannabidiol.

The Slab is also a nice product for people looking to shape and dab their daily dose of CBD. It comes in the form of a slab and you can easily shape it into a size that you need. This does not contain THC and has medical benefits. 

CBD Isolate Slab

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

It also has no flavor or taste and is great for people who don’t like the taste of hemp-derived cannabidiol. It retails at $35 for 1 gram.

If you like the traditional powder, then you can try the Pure Hemp Powder which retails at $35 for 1 gram. It's a high-grade hemp-derived CBD with no THC. 

It is both odorless and tasteless.
CBD Isolate Powder

Overall Rating: 4/5

It is also very quick to dissolve which makes it an ideal choice for using in home-made CBD products or infuse it with food and drinks.

The DuraCanna Pure Isolate Raw Powder is a wonderful product if you are looking for pure hemp-derived CBD. It is made with non-GMO, certified seed stock and is cultivated through natural methods only. It is a high-grade cannabidiol and has zero levels of THC content. 

You can mix it easily in any food or drink item and enjoy your dose without coming across any strong flavor or scent.

Overall Rating: 4/5

A bottle starts at $14.85 for 1 gram of powder. You can also get a bottle of 10 grams of CBD to last for a longer period of time.

Exploring Concentrates & Isolates 

There is a large variety of products that are consumed widely for medical purposes; this includes isolates and concentrates.
These are two forms in which CBD is available for consumption to people. They are taken in this form for both medical and recreational purposes.
If you are new to the world of cannabis then these terms might sound confusing. I have tried my best to break it down in simple terms so that you can make an informed choice. 

What are isolates?

They are are chemical compounds extracted from hemp plants that have zero THC. Legally, cannabidiol can contain 0.3% THC, however, an isolate is a substance or a product that has zero amounts of THC. It is simply pure with no psychoactive elements.

What are concentrates?

Concentrates are substances or products that have a relatively higher dose of CBD than other products. They have a strong cannabidiol content and are an ideal choice for people who want to take a high dose and experience its effects in a short period of time.

What is the difference between the two?

While both are CBDs that have been extracted from the same plant, they do have certain differences that you should know; such as –

  • Isolates don’t contain THC while concentrates usually contain permissible quantities of THC which is about 0.3%.
  • Isolates don’t contain flavonoids which are substances that give a unique taste and scent to the CBD products; concentrates have flavonoids as well.
  • Isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol available for consumption while concentrates have certain trace elements as well.
  • Concentrates are very strong doses of cannabidiol that may not be suitable for everyone.

What are the benefits?

Isolates and concentrates have a wide variety of benefits including –

  • They offer relief to people suffering from chronic pains and aches.
  • They can help in cases of depression, stress and anxiety.
  • They help in cancer treatment as well as reducing effects of cancer treatment.
  • They help in fighting off a variety of mental health conditions.
  • They can also be taken to relax after a tough day.

How to choose between an concentrate and an isolate?

Both have their own pros and cons. You can choose either of them based on your personal goals. Here are some of the points you must keep in mind –

  • Concentrates are strong CBD products with a heavy dose. They may not be suitable for everyone, especially, not for beginners.
  • Isolates are generally flavorless and odorless. If you are sensitive to strong or different scents and tastes then this might a good choice for you.
  • Concentrates have a very small, negligible amount of THC; however, if you want to avoid THC all together then you should consider isolates.
  • While isolates are a pure form of cannabidiol, some tend to prefer concentrates more since they are a less refined product and retain their natural flavor and scent profile.

What is Cannabidiol?

It is a chemical compound that is extracted from plants. It is mainly extracted from hemp and marijuana plants. It's extracted from these plants have different properties; for example, CBD extracted from hemp plants has little or no THC which makes it ideal for medical treatments.

Who can consume CBD?

Anybody can consume it for medical reasons or even for recreational purposes. It is prescribed to people suffering from illnesses such as anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pains and stomach problems. It is also helpful for people suffering from cancer and for those fighting the side effects of intensive cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Is it legal to buy and consume?

Yes, both buying and consuming CBD that is derived from hemp plants is legal in most states across the US. Marijuana derived cannabidiol is illegal across the country.
In fact, very recently, Hemp derived cannabidiol has also been approved and authorized for use in medical treatments across the country. However, there are certain buying conditions applied in different states that must be followed. 

Will I get ‘stoned’ if I take cannabidiol?

No, you will not get ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ if you consume it. Most people think of it as a drug that will get them high, however, that is very far from the truth. While CBD is extracted from hemp and marijuana plants, the hemp derived ones have low or negative levels of THC.

THC is an element that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling that a person experiences on consuming marijuana and other similar drugs. However, CBD doesn’t contain THC and will, hence, not get you ‘stoned’. It is safe to consume anytime, anywhere.

Can I buy CBD online?

Yes, you can buy it online through several websites and e-stores.

However, only buy from websites and stores that you trust and are assured about the quality and authenticity of the product. A poor-quality product can have adverse effects on your mental and physical health. Hence, always be sure of the quality before purchasing online.


Experiment with Other Forms of Cannabis

While concentrates and isolates have their own pros and cons, there is a wide variety of products that you can also experiment with to keep things interesting.
If you are looking for taste and uniqueness, you can consider choosing CBD chocolates, brownies, gummies and candies. There are dozens of flavors and taste profiles that you can choose from including dark chocolate, white chocolate and even nuts and fruits. In gummies and candies, there are traditional flavors such as strawberry and orange; and, newer flavors such as lime and passion fruit as well.
You can also try CBD oil, tinctures and other products. If you have been consuming these products for a while now then you might also find it interesting to make your own edibles and infused butters. There are several ways to consume this health boosting product. 

About the author 

Rafi C.

Rafi is one of our fellow obsessed Cannabis industry advocates and an avid user (aka customer ;-) He's constantly researching, testing, and reviewing anything that is related to medical marijuana. We plan to report the good, the bad & the ugly directly to you.

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