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If you're a weed smoker, grower, budtender, or enjoy working in the cannabis industry and are in search of the perfect 420 vacations for you and your cohorts (or only you), we've got you covered.

Living in Colorado is a blessing in disguise for the adventurer, the cannabis advocate, and the general population that views this 'high life' state as more than simply the altitude.

Traveling to the capital city of Denver is loaded with some of the most laid-back 420-friendly hotels for your every need.

Our Top 4 List of Denver 420 Friendly Hotels

Being interested in marijuana is what this Mile High City is known for. As a result, Denver is one of the top places in Colorado that have become the weed's movement leaders in the entire country. Between progressive legislation and the many tourist attractions that have found a way to be involved in the marijuana industry, Denver is the prime place to visit and have the time of your life.

However, beware that cannabis rules continue to apply in this city, and it's a good idea to do some research on what areas of Denver you want to vacation around and how the public perception of cannabis will help you plan accordingly.

The Top 4 Lodging Accommodations are listed in order of best to mediocre, yet continuing to be 420-friendly and give you a great experience:


Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

A unique bed and breakfast inn, with all the cannabis bells and whistles to boot. Located in the historic Potter-Highlands neighborhood of North Denver, they not only offer guests overnight stays, but they cater to weddings and other events as well. Billed as offering "a side of entertainment with your joint," Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens is an old Victorian mansion originally built in 1890 by John Mouat for his wife and five children. 

The structure has come a long way since the late 19th century. However, the rooms are signature, spacious, and highly comfortable. After you've successfully booked your stay, check out the following offerings:

  • Stairs versus elevators--to give your lungs more to think about
  • Restored original floor plan
  • Privacy vaping in your room
  • Smoker-friendly gardens
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Delectable breakfasts
  • A short walking distance to some of the finest cannabis dispensaries in the Highlands neighborhood
  • Historical movie nights are available

Give the Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens a jingle to gather more information, book your stay, and simply feel the freedom of cannabis pleasuring at 303-477-8205. If you can manage to see through the haze of your joint smoking, contact them and enjoy your 420 friendly hotel. Prices range between $169 per room per night to $259 for the honeymoon suite.


The Curtis Hotel

Plan your getaway at the Curtis Hotel for the latest hydroponic creations and restaurants that offer unique eats and drinks in downtown Denver. Unfortunately, you can't smoke in the rooms of this fine place--due to the laws in this neighborhood--but you most certainly can walk to the marijuana dispensaries and find what you need. Take the wrapper off the weed brownie edible, and enjoy it in the comfort of a plush and stylish environment. The Curtis Hotel prides itself on being not only 420-friendly but green-friendly as well.

The Curtis Hotel

The establishment is actually a Doubletree Inn owned by Hilton Hotels, but don't let that curtail your cannabis-seeking pleasures. What they offer includes:

  • Signature-themed rooms
  • Event area to host corporate meetings or events
  • Large pool area
  • Surrounding lush gardens
  • Vape and edibles allowed outdoors

Rates start at very affordable $81 for a single night, all the way up to King-Sized guest suites that comfortably sleep four at a rate of between $215 and $281 per night, depending on the amenities you choose.

Call for further information and booking availabilities at 1-855-610-TREE. A solid customer support team can answer every question or concern. It's not that you have to hide your love of marijuana; The Curtis Hotel welcomes it. 



By far, the most weed-friendly hotel in Denver, NATIV is well-known amongst the cannabis industry--and not only around Colorado but worldwide as well. What you'll receive when you book your reservation:

  • A choice of 16 available rooms
  • Private balconies where you can light up
  • A lobby coffee shop that sells CBD-infused beverages
  • A nearby dispensary that sells edible brownies & candies
  • Incredible cuisine
  • Surrounding nightlife

NATIV is the first hotel in the United States that's specifically geared towards marijuana advocates and users. Because you can't light up in the hotel itself--it is a Colorado law, after all--you can ignite your joint or vape on your balcony or munch away in your personalized weed den. Celebrities have been known to grace the rooms at NATIV, especially those who hold the 420 mottoes near and dear. 

You'll be able to recognize the hotel from the highly colorful mural on the outside brick walls, which is less than a half-mile to the City center. If you consider yourself a traveling maven and want to experience all that NATIV has to offer in Denver, contact the front desk at 720-485-6450, and be prepared to be wowed. There's so much here to experience as a 420-friendly hotel. Why wouldn't you want to dip your toes into the reputation of this luxurious cannabis site? Go for it.


Arrowhead Manor

I want to recommend this hotel for several reasons thoroughly: 

  • Extremely close to Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • Considered one of the most romantic getaways in Colorado
  • 420-friendly mansion
  • Private stone baths
  • Fireplaces in each of their eight rooms
  • Luxurious suites with jacuzzi tubs
  • Private decks for allowed cannabis smoking
  • Shared patio to commune with the likeminded marijuana toking crowd
  • Coupons for local cannabis dispensaries
  • Shuttle service to the Red Rocks venue

Being so close to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre--which hosts some of the most recognizable musical acts globally--Red Rocks has become a favorite venue for mostly all recording artists. To be able to toke in peace at a nearby hotel is a bonus to boot. Arrowhead Manor is located in Morrison, Colorado, and also hosts weddings, is only 20 minutes from Denver, and is about the most beautiful--and one of the best--420 bed and breakfast hotels near the capital city. 

Book your stay as needed at 303-738-8454 and reap the cannabis rewards of smoking here safely, legally, and intimately. 

Why Denver is THE PLACE to Visit for All of Your 420-Friendly Hotel Needs

Since the marijuana industry is a booming business of late, and Denver has been at the forefront of the entire show, it's no wonder that this Mile High City is a popular designation for your 420-friendly vacation needs. Each of the five hotels mentioned above is but a select few that accommodate weed smokers and cannabis fans from all over the country. Every TLC and TCH-derived product that's offered at any of the Denver lodging accommodations is available to answer your many questions and provide information so you'll have the utmost wellness getaway.

A popular inquiry that's also been brought up for these 420-friendly Denver hotels or bed & breakfast establishments is the idea of bringing along your four-legged family member(s). They are pet-friendly and ask that you let them know ahead of time in order for the hotel staff to steer you in the right direction as to what room is adequately suited for your smoking and your pup's playtime. Some hotels even offer tours of the Denver weed districts and learning experiences from the finest gardeners, chefs, and cannabis engineers. 

Your pup doesn't have to stay behind and whine or feel left out. Instead, you can book a stay with your furry buddy, who might also want to indulge in any of the CBD edibles that are available at the Denver local dispensaries. CBD has been a lifesaver for several dogs and cats prone to muscle damage, joint inflammation, or chronic spinal injuries. Believe me. I've used CBD on my dog as many times as I've used CBD oils and creams on myself. The results are astounding.

In Conclusion

Denver is the hub of 420-friendly hotels in all of Colorado, and it would behoove you to investigate which one would suit your needs and desires most. The downtown neighborhoods are spilling over with bed and breakfast inns that welcome the cannabis lifestyle and want you to enjoy a euphoric experience in the comfort of their private retreats. Each 420 hotel has amenities that will blow your mind, as well as allow you to smoke, vape, or safeguard your high in the confines of luxurious rooms, patios, gardens, community spaces, and nearby dispensaries.

There's no time like the present to be part of a 420 friendly hotel in Denver. I assure you that you'll walk away after a weekend and believe more in the power of the marijuana movement and how it's impacting Colorado and our world at large.

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