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If you’re curious about how to grow Purple Gelato, it’s important to know that this Indica-dominant marijuana strain has a very unique growing method. Unlike her more tolerant cousins, Purple Gelato is highly demanding and requires a good deal of experience, expertise, and tuned conditions. Growing purple gelato indoors is also an excellent choice, as this method gives you more control over critical grow elements.


The Purple Gelato cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that was developed by crossing two Californian genetics – Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Its rich, gourmet aroma has a skunky citrus and berry overtone. Grown from seeds, this strain has a relatively short flowering time and yields a heavy crop of sweet buds.

The flavor of this potent marijuana strain is very sweet and tangy with a floral undertone. It is perfect for those who are suffering from depression, pain, or insomnia. Purple Gelato’s high THC content helps relieve mental irritations. It also produces a pleasant aroma. Learn how to grow Purple Gelato marijuana in order to enjoy its powerful effect! If you are new to marijuana growing, here are some tips and tricks for starting your own garden.

17.5 Percent THC

You’ve heard the buzz around Purple Gelato Marijuana but aren’t sure how to grow it. Though it’s easy to grow and can be grown indoors and outdoors, it isn’t a strain for novice growers. It requires some special care and monitoring, including temperatures and humidity levels. However, the high-THC content of Purple Gelato makes it a desirable strain for experienced growers and cannabis beginners alike.

Growing this marijuana strain will give you a rich harvest full of potent cannabis. Its sugary leaves are green, with purple tinges and hints of orange and red. The plant is medium-sized and will yield about 17 ounces per square foot. It is a demanding plant, but it will be worth the work when it produces medicinal material. However, this strain is a great choice for indoor growers.

Large Nugs

You can try growing the Purple Gelato marijuana strain for optimal yields and healthy plants. This Indica prefers a temperature range of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 75% humidity in the vegetative stage. The best way to grow Purple Gelato is by using the Sea of Green method. This involves planting several plants close to each other and trimming the plants to create a large canopy to maximize light and nutrients. Then, when the time comes to harvest, you can remove the plant from the grow room and allow it to flower.

The high from this cannabis strain is head heavy and starts with a cerebral rush. Then, the high gradually increases and builds into a creeping body buzz. The end result is a calm, relaxed state of mind. The strain is especially effective for people suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. It has also been known to be beneficial for those suffering from chronic fatigue and headaches.

LST Training

Growing this feminized cannabis strain requires a more advanced growing setup than most others. This strain prefers a higher humidity level than other varietals, making it vulnerable to diseases and pests. Nonetheless, Purple Gelato plants are incredibly tasty, and they’re certainly worth the effort. To grow this strain successfully, you’ll need to carefully read the following steps to make sure your crops are as healthy as possible.

The best place for this feminized cannabis strain is a warm, sunny, and humid climate. The purple pigments in the leaves and buds contribute to its name but don’t affect its aroma. You can expect a yield of between 400 and 600 grams. A few tips for growing this strain include keeping the climate warm and humid and remembering to keep the soil moist. Also, it will grow best indoors.

Indoors Or Outdoors

The Purple Gelato is a tall, Indica dominant strain that grows to seven feet. Its compact structure helps it grow rapidly and has an impressive yield. Because the Purple Gelato flower is purple, it is especially well suited to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, which decreases the vegetative stage and boosts bud production. This cannabis strain yields up to 500 grams per square meter of space and grows best when grown indoors. It can yield 400 to 600 grams per plant and can be harvested in October in the northern hemisphere.

The Purple Gelato review notes that it gives users a psychedelic buzz with high levels of THC. The effect is uplifting and relaxing but can be unsettling if you do not smoke too much. However, it is also highly addictive and may cause dizziness or anxiety in heavy users. Its low CBD content makes it suitable for new growers, as well.

Hard to grow

This Indica-dominant strain can grow to seven feet tall and is very compact. This makes it a good choice for growing using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique, which shortens the vegetative stage of the plant and boosts bud production. It yields between 400 and 600 grams per square meter and can be harvested in October if grown indoors. Depending on the growing conditions, growers can expect to harvest between eight and 10 weeks.

Growing Purple Gelato requires some expert knowledge and expertise. It is not as forgiving as many of her cousins and requires more time and attention. If you are an experienced grower, you can try stimulating purple pigmentation in your Indica plants by dropping the temperature by 15 degrees below daily average temperatures. However, dropping temperatures too early may affect the yields. In general, you can expect to harvest up to 17 ounces of medicinal material per square foot from this strain.

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