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While growing legal marijuana is profitable, it does come with its own set of challenges. You need a specific set of skills and knowledge to be able to grow your own marijuana.

Additionally, you also need to take it to the market. However, the major challenge is to stay abreast with the dynamic changes in cannabis laws every now and then. It would be best if you were very strict and vigilant to be able to comply with the evolving legal situation.

However, that being said, a legal marijuana-growing operation does have dozens of pros, including a fairly regular stream of income and healthy profits.

I have compiled this guide to help you get started with a growing operation in the Colorado region. If you reside in another state, you must check up on the laws in your area before beginning a marijuana-growing operation.

Top Benefits of Becoming a Legal Marijuana Grower

There are several benefits of becoming a legal marijuana grower, including –

  • If you can grow quality marijuana (and, consistently maintain that quality), you can earn a steady source of income and healthy profits.
  • In states that have legalized growing operations and recreational use of cannabis, like Colorado, the situation for a growing operation is very conducive. This allows you to get supplies and labor at low costs leading to increased profits.
  • On the side-lines of the growing operation, you can also teach people how to grow legal marijuana; this is not only additional income but will also help in brand building.
  • Several growing operations create a viewing room and open their space up for tourists.

These are just some of the benefits of a growing operation and how it can help boost your income. If you get innovative, there are other ways as well to capitalize on your operation.

Top Schools & Courses for People Who Want to Legally Grow Marijuana

To be successful in the cannabis industry, you need to have specific skills and knowledge. If you lack the required knowledge, you are sure to fail.

Therefore, I would recommend signing up with one of the many good schools that teach you how to grow your own legal marijuana and start your own operation and even assist you in setting up.

Here are some of my recommendations –

Green CulturED

  • FREE Trial available! Use the link above to get premium access right away
  • High-quality content with information, strategies, and ideas
  • An industry leader in training and educating people about cannabis


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Colorado State University-Pueblo

  • Several opportunities for growth
  • Internships with university’s partners
  • The classroom learning experience at the University of Colorado


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Trichome Institute

  • Conceptual videos on a range of topics
  • Three levels of courses ranging in price
  • Certification available as well on completion

Clover Leaf University

  • Founded in the year 2009
  • Courses focus on all aspects
  • Only cannabis university approved

University of Denver

  • A reputed educational institution
  • Major courses on cannabis and its aspects
  • Alumni of the university are well placed in the industry

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  •  757 E 20th Ave #370, Denver, CO 80205

This is my top choice on the list. The Green CulturED is undoubtedly the industry-leading option for online learning. They have revolutionized the way people learn about cannabis and growing operations. They have specific courses for various aspects of the cannabis industry. The courses are a wealth of information, strategies, and ideas. All packed together in high-quality content.

For example, you can consider signing up for the Master Growers course, which is only $597 for a one-year duration. The course comprises of 40 hours of content along with a certification. It will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to strive and thrive in the industry.

And, you can try-before-you buy! Click here for a FREE trial to get Premium access right away!


  • An industry leader in training and educating people about cannabis
  • High-quality content with information, strategies, and ideas
  • Reasonably priced courses with a variety of options
  • Certification available on completion of course
  • FREE Trial available! Use the link above to get premium access right away
  • 2200 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81001

The Colorado State University offers minor and major courses on growing cannabis, studying the effects of cannabis, and more. Earlier students could choose cannabis studies as part of their degree. However, recently the university has announced full-fledged degree courses on growing industrial hemp and more

This will enable students to learn the new, innovative, and sustainable ways of growing weed and even study the various legal, social, and economic aspects of a growing operation; while enjoying the classroom experience.


  • The classroom learning experience at the University of Colorado
  • Proper courses on industrial hemp and other aspects
  • Internships with university’s partners
  • Several opportunities for growth
  • 2200 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81001

The Trichome Institute aims to help people become better growers and fight the misconceptions of the industry. They provide online classes for people looking to start a growing operation. They offer three kinds of courses starting from $249 and going all the way up to $479.

The standard courses cover areas such as interpening, extraction and concentrates, and professional consultation service. The high-end courses help students understand complex topics and provide hands-on assistance as well. The classes are made to be fluid, easy to understand, and conceptual.


  • Online school to learn growing your own weed
  • Conceptual videos on a range of topics
  • Three levels of courses ranging in price
  • Certification available as well on completion
  •  3888 E. Mexico Ave., Denver, CO

Clover Leaf University is a one of its kind. It is the first and only cannabis university that is approved, regulated and licensed by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board, which means that their certifications are valuable across the board.

The university trains students to understand the industry better, learn how to grow their own legal marijuana, and start successful operations and businesses. They also focus on teaching students the way to keep their businesses legally compliant. It was founded in 2009 and has trained thousands of students since then.

Their courses are focused on all three aspects of the cannabis industry – business, compliance, and medical. You can sign-up to attend live classes or online classes as well. They also conduct an occasional seminar every now and then.


  • Only cannabis university approved, regulated, and licensed
  • Founded in the year 2009; one of the oldest in the industry
  • Courses focus on all aspects – business, compliance, and medical
  • Option to attend live and online classes as well
  • Training seminars are conducted every now and then
  • 2199 S. University Blvd., Denver, CO 80208

The University of Denver is a reputed educational institution and one of the few in its league to offer major courses on cannabis. It explores the medical, business, and recreational aspects of cannabis in its courses and has been teaching students for several years now.

They help students learn how to start their own operations, stay compliant with regulations, and maintain quality, among various other essential things. Alumni of the University of Denver are making strides in the cannabis industry in Colorado and across the country.


  • A reputed educational institution
  • Major courses on cannabis and its aspects
  • Alumni of the university are well placed in the industry

Don’t wish to attend school? Learn online anytime, anywhere

Colorado is a fantastic place to be for people looking to make a career in growing legal marijuana. There are favorable laws, excellent schools, and a conducive environment; however, if you cannot attend the schools, there are other options to try.

I recommend Green CulturED, one of the best online solutions for learning how to grow your own legal marijuana and start a commercial operation. It has been made exclusively for the cannabis industry and imparts a wealth of information to students through the courses.

You can actually learn and start your own operation anytime, anywhere, and with a FREE trial! So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your own legal marijuana-growing operation.

FAQs on Growing Legal Marijuana

It is but natural that you might have several questions about growing legal marijuana. I have extensively researched, and first-hand visited several growing operations in and around Colorado. Therefore, I feel I am equipped enough to answer some of your questions, such as –

Is a legal grow operation profitable in Colorado?

Yes, it is profitable. However, there is a problem as well. Since the consumption of recreational weed has been legalized in Colorado, several players have entered the industry. It has become very competitive as well.

So, while it is profitable, you need to know your way around the industry and have a knack for marketing your product; otherwise, you might not survive the fierce competition.

What is the age requirement to start a legal growth operation?

To apply for a Business License for a legal marijuana growing operation, you must be at least 21 years of age as of the date of application.

How do I start a legal growth operation?

There are several legal requirements to comply with before starting a growing operation. You need to obtain a license, meet specific criteria, and maintain certain information regularly.

I recommend you refer to legal aid or talk to one of the many schools in Colorado. You can seek their assistance in starting a legal growth operation.

How much is a grow license in Colorado?

The prices of a license vary based on the type of license you are applying for; however, a regular retail marijuana cultivation license costs $4000, and a commercial grows license costs $2500 per year. The prices are different for the manufacturing of products, testing facilities, and transportation as well.

How much does it cost to become a grower?

Well, including all compliance fees, business insurance, and other requisites that you must fulfill, the initial costs to become a grower could be around $10,000 or more.

How much do master growers make?

As per records of last year, a master grower on average made $83,500 while the top earners in the industry made as much as $150,000, which translates to an hourly wage rate of more than $72. However, on average, they made $40 as hourly wages.

How much do budtenders get paid?

Budtenders can make as much as $55,000 per year. However, on average, they can earn about $35,800 per year.

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