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  • July 11, 2022
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Many are attracted to the master grower position because of the guaranteed starting higher salary. You can expect to earn hefty pay as a master grower because it's a highly specialized skill that is necessary for optimal production and continuity of cannabis plants.

The master grower needs to understand each facet of growing any particular strain and how to maximize yield and potency. The average salary in the United States for a Master Grower is around 120k. 

It's very important to understand we are talking about averages here, so the reality is some are making far more and sometimes less than this. There are specific ways you can advance quicker and break the pay plateau in the cannabis industry.

Many growers see their craft in a technical fashion, while others bend the rules for the sake of art and experimentation. This sometimes gives rise to specific methods like super cropping and topping, which can quickly get out of hand if you lack the proper training. 

Analyzing the Average Master Grower Salary in Colorado

The average salary of a master grower in Colorado is definitely lower than you would expect and sits at around 80k per year. Some have reported wages as low as 30k a year, but this is uncommon.

The differences in yearly pay across growers can be tremendous because it depends on the experience and efficiency of each individual.

A more experienced person in the industry with more connections will inevitably make more money because they are proven to be reliable.

Over time, you could break the 150k milestone in Colorado as a consistently dedicated master grower. One way to thrive is by always striving to improve even if you think things are perfect. Humble yourself before this dynamic plant and treat the craft with respect, and you will have more opportunities for a pay increase. The scale of the operation will also determine the final amount given to the grower. Greater demand will require a more robust garden with higher labor and ultimately a more lucrative pay. 

Reaching your full salary potential

Experience and qualifications are both critical for increasing your overall salary as a Master Grower. They demonstrate your ability to cope with challenges in the grow space and mitigate the variables that pose a threat to your final crop. A good master grower should always take notes to make minor adjustments for future growth.

The right mindset is critical here, and your accumulated knowledge means nothing if you can't apply it to the garden. If you're looking for a better starting salary, it would be wise to get some experience in a garden setting.

Hands-on application is precious in this industry, and having some under your belt will give you a competitive edge. That's right, and many growers are competing to facilitate the best possible result for patients and recreational users alike.

The best attitude for growth in this industry should be productive and professional with attention to detail. Although it might be tempting to try your own product, that is best saved for your vacation. Expressing genuine interest in the quality of the final product with enthusiasm and vigor is a sure-fire way to progress! 

How certification and training affect salary

Your salary will undoubtedly be affected by the training you receive and also the facility you end up working at. It's definitely possible to have excellent training and end up at an underpaying operation.

However, it's more likely you'll land better pay with a solid background and education. Reputable programs will look better and send the message that you're more capable and worthy of a higher starting salary. 

Getting certified doesn't guarantee you a hot spot in the industry, but it looks good and proves your effort. It's more about showing the right ambition and willingness to learn. Cannabis has been changing along with the methods we use to cultivate it, and taking some extra courses even after you're licensed as a Master Grower shows excellent initiative. It proves you will go the extra mile to make your crop pristine and distinct. 

A Top Job in the Cannabis Industry

Becoming a master grower is considered one of the most prestigious and respected positions in the industry. That's because, without growers, there would be no relief for patients and quality cannabis.

There are special methods that ensure the purest product, and this job has a long list of necessary accommodations to provide the most rapid and vigorous plant growth. 

You will have a position of great responsibility here because many rely on your advanced methods and training to get that incredibly potent and pure result. Master grower positions are in high demand for the most part in legal states, but in Colorado, there might be more competition.

The cannabis industry is full of significant positions, but the master grower position is the most lucrative aside from owning a dispensary. They are the ones who make it happen by nurturing cannabis in a specific way that combines traditional gardening skills with specialized strain-specific knowledge and the best growing conditions. 

Conclusion: There is nowhere to go but up in this industry

In the Cannabis industry, there is excellent longevity and reliability when choosing the master grower's career path. If you find yourself stagnating in a particular operation and can't get the recognition you deserve, then consider moving to a more viable spot and do the research. 

This will ensure that you know what to expect, and remember that there are always fresh opportunities out there! If you have outstanding training, then don't settle for less if you've been in operation for years. One exciting way for master growers to stand out is to invent a new cross-breed of cannabis. This can be targeted at specific ailments like insomnia by combining the properties of two strains that are effective treatments. 

In summation, the opportunities in the industry continue to grow with each day, and you can get on the fast track to learning about gardening basics on the internet. The amount of resources available for free is staggering, and learning about horticulture counts for something and looks impressive.


Are master growers in demand?

Within the cannabis industry, master growers are in high demand, and this is going to only grow over time as more states legalize. The possibility of legalization on a federal level also looms, which would open the door to even more career opportunities with sustainable work. You will find that there will always be a need for skilled growers as long as there are medical patients and people in need. 

You see, cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine and is still highly relevant in today's modern medical world. Many patients choose it over conventional pain killers and other medications because of physical addiction's limited side effects and impossibility. The industry is always seeking new master growers with enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to further enhance the crop. New strains are constantly in development, and a master grower needs to have the flexibility and an adaptable personality which is also in demand. 

What degree does a master grower need?

One thing that's important to understand about the cannabis industry because it's still very new to the scene. That means that there aren't any set guidelines regarding education or experience that are considered the standard. However, at the very least, it would be wise to have a bachelor's degree in horticulture to understand the basics of plant growth and cultivation practices.

A master grower certification will be required to obtain this position, but a university's educational background will help you stand out significantly. This is also another viable strategy to get a higher pay grade right out of the gate. Many people who have obtained a relevant degree turn to this field because of the flexible schedule and high pay. There is also vast potential for growth even if you don't have a degree. 

How do you become a professional grower?

One of the first things you should realize about growing is that it takes time to master mother nature in controlled conditions. You have the option to utilize either indoor or outdoor conditions, but most find that indoor is easier to control with a better final result. To become a professional grower, you need to start with the right educational background and then move on to certification. 

Complete mastery over the growth and harvesting process will take years of training and discipline. Experience is the most important element because you have to handle each plant with consideration properly. Learning from other professionals is another perfect way to get faster results. They can enlighten you to potential pitfalls in the early stages of your career, and that's where note-taking is incredibly useful. 

If you make mistakes, then that's just part of the process, and it will teach you to avoid them. Being a professional cannabis grower is very much like a traditional farmer, but here we are growing for maximum yield and potency. Becoming a professional is all about learning the trade secrets that you can't find from traditional training.

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