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The cannabis industry is taking the world by storm, from planting to harvesting to cultivation and delivery of the final product. It's no wonder that most individuals want to know more about how medical marijuana has gained such popularity in healing communities, as well as understand more about the ins and outs of quality cannabis products that grace your grocery store shelves.

Let's take a look at why some of the best jobs on the market happen to be in the cannabis industry--and one position, in particular, the weed trimmer.

Why Weed Trimming Jobs Have Finally Found Their Spotlight

Working in the cannabis industry has some sensational merits of late, especially with the high success rate of those who are on the receiving end of all medical marijuana products.

CBD-ingested oils, topicals, and edibles have certainly garnered attention for those who are suffering from joint or muscular pain, inflammation, certain cancers, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on. 

The benefits and uses of weed in treating illness and easing symptoms of these various conditions trace back to the natural substance, the cannabinoid, which is found in cannabis (marijuana) and hemp plants.

However, unlike its cousin THC, which is the primary activated ingredient in pot smoking, CBD has zero psychoactive or intoxicating responses. There's always ongoing research into CBD and its many varietals.

Still, the actual weed job of getting these numerous products to you as a consumer depends solely on the role of the trimmer after the cannabis harvest. Weed trimmer jobs are some of the most desirable entry-level positions in the medical marijuana industry.

Here's why:

  • Trimmers can make a decent salary upwards of $20,000 per season.
  • Cannabis growers provide room and board for the trimmers during the entire season.
  • The weed trimmer gets to explore their creative side, as trimming as a total art form.
  • The work is physically grueling. However, a trimmer employs tactical skills and precision to ensure the highest quality result.
  • The camaraderie amongst trimmers is exceptionally high (no pun intended) as each person helps the other find another job after a season ends with one grower.
  • Job opportunities in the weed trimmer category are only increasing, as are the salaries being offered to first-timers.

It's relatively easy to see how alluring a weed trimmer job is to someone interested in getting involved in the cannabis industry. Everything depends on these folks to efficiently prepare marijuana plants for sale with their high-quality trimming abilities. Frankly, living in Colorado, the weed 'factor' has always been prevalent and cutting edge.

Being an advocate of vaping and CBD products has proven to me how essential medical marijuana is, and the specific levels of achieving top-notch quality control before sale are--and continue to be. We can thank the weed trimmer jobs for placing the spotlight on rewarding work that makes its way to consumers in a positive and healing manner.

Bud Trimming Jobs Near Me in Colorado

Since I mentioned my advocacy with the cannabis industry as a whole, here are several buds trimming jobs in Colorado--most specifically in the Denver area:

  • Cannabis Trimmer Harvester in Boulder, Colorado - The site lists a cannabis trimmer or harvester career and the requirements to get involved. Whether you want to excel in trimming or growing the hemp, CBD, or weed industry, these marijuana jobs, and cannabis careers are your ticket to getting started. Simply apply here:
  • Trimmer for Marijuana Grower in Denver - Just as the site above in Boulder, the same requirements for this Mile High City apply. In fact, you can submit your resume to  and gain access to a host of job opportunities from reputable employers in this booming weed industry.
  • Production Tech/Trimmer - If you want to branch out and do more with your appetite for cannabis, look no further than becoming a production tech. Jobs in this category work well and in harmony with bud trimmers. Therefore it's a good idea to get your hands involved in all aspects of the weed industry. Simply fill out an application here  and get started with a lucrative career in the entire marijuana niche.

Top 10 Online Recruiters for Weed Trimming Jobs

Diving deep into becoming a successful bud trimmer involves knowing which type of job you're interested in and with what company.

Not all recruiters are alike, and some specify needs and overall entry requirements that others don't have. Therefore doing your homework is beneficial to zeroing in on where you'd like to start and with whom.

We break down these top weed trimming jobs so you can access them and launch your new career.

Similar to other large job search engines, Zip Recruiter, does all the legwork for you. They list millions of jobs and have been rated the #1 job search site in the United States.

The benefits far outweigh the negatives, as they continually send you up-to-date jobs that recently hit the market. If a cannabis industry employer is seeking a top-notch bud trimmer, they’ll undoubtedly list several on this site.

Not only is their landing page an attractive and eye-catching purple color, but Monster has also been around the block for several years. 

Cannabis employers can post a job for free, and job hunters can upload their resumes and acquire career advice in the process. It’s an extremely user-friendly site for any job you’re searching for in the hemp, CBD, or marijuana industry.

Here’s a site that caters to all types of cannabis job opportunities. From building your industry to communicating with other cannabis pros  around the planet to offering free job browsing when you sign up

Researching jobs with Vangst could be your next ticket to success. And frankly, I couldn’t find a downside to this very thoughtful site. They cover everything and then some.

With a name like ‘420,’ how could you go wrong? This network helps you locate career cannabis employment, and no need to pay upfront before your search.

If you’re job searching, you create a login account with them. If you’re a cannabis employer seeking tireless workers, 420 Careers has an entire section for that, too. Plus, there are enough promotional ads on the borderline of the website that can steer you in another direction if you’re not finding the right match.

An easy-to-navigate site that includes thousands of cannabis industry jobs.

 Leafbuyer even includes separate categories on their landing page to assist in your search for the perfect cannabis network job. They list dispensaries, give you the platform to post a job, and have blogs that showcase pertinent information regarding how beneficial marijuana is to your health and beyond.

Ganjapreneur’s main page highlights the latest news in marijuana sales, legalization in certain states, and events that give you more to think about in the cannabis industry.

A negative about this site is that jobs aren’t the site’s primary focus. Instead, Ganjapreneur discusses industry press, podcasts, interviews, CBD products, and jobs. The latter being amongst a group of other involved cannabis focus, however.

A well-rounded cannabis site that pays close attention to informing you as a reader and listing gallery photos and learning opportunities for those interested.

The jobs aren’t mainstream, however, and you have to fill out an entire application on the High Maintenance Trim site in order for them to find you a suitable position. Basically, they are the middle man, and you are the recruit. They do have a solid team of cannabis industry professionals to assist in your search, but you have to jump through some hoops to get there.

Last I checked, this site was experiencing a major overhaul, so they aren’t your go-to right now for quality job opportunities. What I do appreciate about CannaJobs is the name says it all.

 You’re still able to submit your resume for pre-consideration. They have a Career Institute for guided online training. If you want to get started right away with them, they list an email address to do so and send in your contact information and what you’re seeking.

While not exactly a solely cannabis-based site, you are able to type in the keywords you need for weed trimming jobs, and a host of them appear.

Simply Hired is a major job search engine that provides easy access to what you’re looking for, that is, after you create an account with them prior to your search.

This megawatt job search site wants you to upload your resume, and they want you to begin searching with several keywords when you’re good and ready.

Indeed covers every industry and does it well. I’ve worked with them before, and I can honestly attest to their diligence and feedback when job searching.

Wrapping Up

As you begin your new career search in the cannabis industry, remember that the early stages of any job will require a learning curve. Becoming a weed trimmer is one of the most critical stages of the overall understanding of the niche you love, and once you’re in, there’s no end in sight to what you can accomplish. 

Growers are continually seeking quality personnel, so if you decide that this industry is your jam, prepare yourself with a solid resume, polish up your introduction statement to potential employers, and show your passion for all aspects of the cannabis industry.


What qualifications do you need to become a master grower?

There’s the traditional go-to-college route and acquire your bachelor’s or master’s degree in botany or horticulture, or you can become an excellent master grower with another form of education and at least five years of cultivating cannabis in a large legal operation. The main idea of this highly sought-after profession is you want to dedicate your career to the perfect cultivation of cannabis.

Are master growers in demand?

Master growers have an extensive list of responsibilities and one that licensed cannabis will seek when beginning their search. Besides having a substantial horticulture background, a master grower needs to showcase managerial skills.

This profession is in such demand right now because the industry is booming and the bud trimmers, the grow assistants, and the budtenders are working their way up the ladder as we speak. Earning almost $90,000 annually certainly helps the attraction to gain an education in becoming a master grower.

How much do budtenders get paid?

The budtender salary in Colorado ranges anywhere between $36,000 and $41,000 annually. Of course, this all depends on the legal operation who’s doing the hiring, but a budtender can make a very decent wage doing what they love.

How much does an assistant grower make?

Salary ranges for assistant growers are between $30,000 and $39,000 on average. The top 75% of assistant growers anywhere in the United States can earn more than that with almost $46,000 per year.

Colorado tends to pay assistant growers a rather handsome wage. Therefore if you’re interested in this field of the cannabis industry, search any one of the above sites in the Centennial State region, and perhaps Denver in particular.

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